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Basic Steps To Create A Bootable USB

After installation, follow the steps below to create a USB flash drive with Etcher:

Multiple file format is supported by Etcher when you copy the images in flash drive. Producing a bootable OS is limited to certain OS technologies.

For this, you need special software to launch it. Keep in mind while preparing your USB that it has enough memory space for the OS image.

Launch the Etcher software and follow a few easy steps:

  • Choose the OS Image → flashed to your storage device.

  • Choose → The destination storage.

Note: if it’s your USB Flash Drive. Like any other bootable OS creator, format the storage clean before overwriting. Make sure that you do not have essential files left on the storage device.

  • Select the FLASH button → to begin the process of copying.

Note: After some time, it will finish. It depends upon the size of the file. You can validate it after completion. Etcher acts automatically. It will set up in the “Settings,” and you can disable them. Once finished, the USB Flash Drive is ready.